Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kata-kata adalah doa

*found this in draft, let me just post it now*

*previous writings*
Sering gak sih denger-denger istilah seperti itu?
Cukup sering lah ya.

It happens to me, really :)
Jadi jangan pernah deh mengucap yang buruk2, katakanlah hanya yang baik2 saja.

Anyway, what happens to me is a good thing. Alhamdulillah :)

*current situation*
i oftenly thinking of bad things. and its also happen.
i didnt even say it.
be wise with your thoughts *ngaca dong

Penghujung tahun [short post]


Another company. Again.

Now in Sudirman area.

Still in IT company. Smaller one, but its ok.

Penghujung tahun.

One hell of year for me. Hell. Hell. Hell.