Thursday, January 1, 2015


Looking back.

This year to me is a busy year.
Super busy, i might say.

Working in an IT company with a tight deadline really takes most of my time, and mind *sigh*
Tired? Of course.

Looking for another job? Let's just see.

Brother got married this year, which, for my parents, all their children are taken. Yay!
Cepet laku anak2 nya. :p

Aryo is currently loves to eat! Finally! But it's only started. 
He eats only french fries, bread with choco filling, and nugget sometimes.
For us, this is one big step :)

Hubby is getting 2 times promotion in his office this year.
It's an awesome achievement for him.
I'm a really proud wife :)

There is 1.
But let's just say it's a karma. Let's move forward and be better.

Looking forward.


Aryo masuk TK.
Time really flies so faaaasssttt
He was only a 2.1kg newborn in my arms, now he's almost 4 yo and going to a kindergarten..
Gosh, it's an amazing 4years having him in my life :)